Please update your email address in your profile to receive important messages regarding assignments and to recover PIN numbers via the web.

Help Desk: (304) 263-3690 or glenda.miller@k12.wv.us

To call in your absence or register (304) 264-5068

New Employees: Please click links below to view orientation videos on how to register and use SmartFindExpress:

Employee Orientation Video

Substitute Orientation Video

QuickTime is needed to view videos. Download here.

Recommendations for CELL PHONE USERS that may be having issues with the phone system:

Suggestion 1: Contact your service provider to disable "Anonymous Blocker" setting. Calls from the SFE system will not connect if an "Anonymous Call Rejection" service is active.

Suggestion 2: Deactivate or disable the tone sounds that are played back to the user when touching "soft keys" on an android or iphone screen. (Note: this is not the in-call volume adjustment.) Some phones have this system settings option described as "Muting" or "Sending Keypad Tones". Others have it as simply "Key Tones".

Suggestion 3: User's should avoid using speaker phone when responding to the IVR as this may result in duplicate key presses for the system because of a phenomenon called "echoing".

Suggestion 4: DTMF should be ON. For most cell phones this is an option that can only be set at the cell phone store.

Suggestion 5: Key presses on touch screen phones should be made carefully one press at a time. Sometimes users with touch screen phones are not lifting their fingers off the screen after each key press.